13 Years of Experience, and Top of The Line Products

These two things, combined with our best practices and professional procedures, create a unique detailing experience that cannot be matched. 


Beach Cities Detail Est. 2005

Beach Cities Auto Detail is an auto reconditioning business, started by Nate Teramo. Nate was walking along one day and overheard someone talking on the phone about auto detailing.  The person on the phone had injured their back and was looking to sell some auto detailing equipment. Nate saw the opportunity.  He built a friendship with Dave, the man on the phone, who Nate discovered had been detailing for the past 12 years.  Dave taught Nate many things about the auto detailing business. The most important thing Nate learned  was not to damage someones car with poor workmanship.  From there the business was built from the ground up, through online advertising, and most importantly, word of mouth.